Ami Aharonovich – CEO

Ami is an Oracle certified professional DBA, an Oracle ACE, and the President of ilOUG (Israel Oracle User Group). With over 16 years of expertise as an Oracle database administration and development consultant and instructor, Ami is specializing in Oracle database core technologies. Ami also a well known for his expertise in training Oracle courses and delivering core Oracle database technology sessions and seminars throughout the world. He is a frequent speaker at the Oracle Open World annual convention in San Francisco and at various other conferences around the world.

Alon Spiegel – Founder and EVP
Alon is one of Israel's senior DBA's, with almost 20 years of experience as a DBA and infrastructure specialist.
His career began in the IDF computer unit - MAMRAM where he held several positions, including team leader, and was discharged with the rank of Lieutenant. Following his service in the IDF, Alon worked for several consulting and integration companies and rapidly gained a reputation as a talented DBA who is involved in unique projects – both in Israel and abroad. Alon holds a B.A. in Business from the Interdisciplinary Center (Hertzlia) and majored in Information Technologies.


Oded Raz – Founder and EVP

Oded is an experienced DBA, Oracle ACE Director  and infrastructure specialist with rich and diverse professional experience and a strong management background. His career began in the IDF computer unit - MAMRAM where he held several positions, including team leader and division Manager, and was discharged with the rank of Captain. Oded built a DBA division in a leading integration company and has held several senior positions in Israeli companies. Oded holds a B.A. in Business and Computer Sciences from the Open University of Israel.


Liron Amitzi – Manager North America Branch
Liron is a well known senior DBA and an Oracle ACE, with over 18 years of experience. His career began in the IDF Intelligence Force as a DBA and infrastructure expert and he held the rank of Lieutenant when discharged.
Following his discharge from the IDF, Liron worked as a senior consultant in several integration companies and later served as Oracle Consulting Team Leader in one of the companies. Liron has extensive instruction experience, and is a leading instructor of Oracle courses at the John Bryce Training Center. Liron holds a B.Sc. in Computer Sciences from the Tel Aviv Academic College.


Zohar Elkayam – CTO and Professional Services

Zohar is a senior DBA and an Oracle ACE Associate with over 18 years of experience. Zohar began his career in the IDF computer unit - MAMRAM where he held several positions. Since then he work in a few companies as a DBA and a consultant. His last position was DBA Service Director in the consulting company Glasshouse. Zohar holds a BA in Business Management and Information Systems from the Open University of Israel


Oshrat Ben Avi – Sales and Marketing

Oshrat brings with her 12 years of experience in IT sales and marketing. She began her career an IDF computer unit, taking part in multiple roles. She has a diverse history in sales focusing on products and professional services. She is also an experienced project manager in systems analysis and technical support.

Oshrat got her professional training during her service in the IDF computer school, studied psychology and education BA, and she is a certified Systems Analyst.